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Al-Quran Institute is a leading international educational organisation, specialising in teaching the holy Quran with Tajweed. It is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organisation founded in 2007 in London, UK, dedicated to teaching, preserving and promoting the blessed Book of Allah (SWT).

The main goal of the Institute is to welcome students the world over and invite them to read, learn and implement the teachings of the holy Quran into their lives.

We provide Tajweed courses, designed to improve recitation of the Quran to the standard of the Prophet (saw). This is accessible to all, regardless of ability and previous reading. We also offer Islamic Studies alongside Quranic studies, so students may benefit from the knowledge of our qualified tutors and improve their Islamic knowledge and character.

Our online courses are available from anywhere in the world including: The  United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea etc.

Please visit Tajweed courses for more information about our syllabus.

Once you have become a registered student, you can access a wealth of information including downloadable course materials, nasheeds, duas and Islamic books. These resources will take your studies further and allow you to continue learning outside lessons.

We pride ourselves in the teaching of the holy Quran with quality, not quantity. Our teachers at Al-Quran Institute have all dedicated their lives in learning and perfecting the art of Tajweed.

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