Class Fees


Al-Quran Institute is a non-profit project. All fees paid by students are used to further the mission of the Institute and spread teachings of the Quran.

Al-Quran Institute is based in London where we operate a Quran Centre where students are able to learn Tajweed with their teachers in a classroom environment. This centre is currently a rented premises. Al-Quran Institute is in the process of negotiating a price to buy the current premises.

How are my fees being used?

Al-Quran Institute uses the fees on:

1. Salaries for online teachers and admin staff in the UK and Egypt
2. Hadiya to teachers and carriers of the Quran
3. Running costs of our centre Dar Al Quran in London
4. Development of Curriculum
5. Costs incurred by teachers for terminal illnesses (discretion of the Management)
6. Web development and maintenance
7. Advertising
8. Sadaqah is given quarterly for the well-being of the teachers, students and Management and for acceptance of our work
9. Reserve for the purchase of Dar Al Quran

Bursary and Scholarships

Whilst a majority of our students are from a comfortable background and can afford to pay full fees, we have a policy of not turning people away because of money. Currently around 30% of students are learning with the Institute free of charge as they are from very poor backgrounds or living in poor countries. Another 20% of students are receiving bursaries. In addition, around 20% of students receive discounts as they can only pay part of the fees.

Donation to the poor and needy

The Institute regularly donates money to feed the poor and needy in Pakistan and Egypt. In the year 2014-2015, we donated more than £3000 in these 2 countries.

Purchasing of our centre

Currently we are in the process of buying the building that we are using in North West London for a price of £600,000. It will be used as an Islamic Education Centre for Islamic Studies in London. This will also act as a masjid where 5 daily prayers will be performed.