Website Instruction

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Welcome to Al-Quran Institute. The video below will explain how you can login to our website. All students and teachers are issued with an e-mail address and password so they can communicate directly with each other. This is an internal email service that we have developed therefore you can only send and receive emails from the Institute.

The head of admissions will set up an email address, and password and send it to you via text message. Usually the email address will be

All online students are expected to add the email address on their mobile phones.

Instruction for setting up e-mail on Android (Samsung, HTC, LG etc.)
Instructions for setting up e-mail on iOS (Apple devices)

We have prepared a short video to demonstrate this new system. Please take a look and familiarise yourselves with it:

If you are having trouble logging in or your username/password does not work, please fill in the form in Contact Us.